The Commons at the Georgia Tech Library

Group Computing

The LEC has forty workstations distributed throughout three zones: four visitor computers, six walk-up computers, and thirty computers at collaborative stations.  Anyone can use the visitor computers in Zone 5, but all other computers in the LEC require an active GT account (including GT Active Directory) to log on.

Visitor Computers Walk-up Computers Collaborative Station (ABAK) Collaborative Station (Resolve) Close-up of the Resolve System station.

View software available in the LEC.

  • Collaborative Stations

    The collaborative stations (in Zones 2 and 4; look for the "Collaborative Computing" signs) are designed for groups of two to six people, do not have any time-limits, and do not have a reservation system or queue.  However, an individual using a computer at a collaborative workstation may be asked to give up the computer if a group is waiting.

  • Walk-up Computers

    The walk-up computers (in Zones 2 and 4) are for quick uses--print jobs, checking email--and users who take over a walk-up computer for long-term productivity may be asked to leave.

  • Print Stations

    The LEC has two print stations: two black-and-white printers in Zone 2 and a color printer in Zone 4.  View the Library's printing policies.

    Black-and-white print station Color printer station

    A large-format printer is available at the Circulation Desk, along with other copy services.

  • Support

    Library staff at the Circulation Desk and the Commons Coordinator in Zone 2 are available for technical and customer support.  Laptops and accessories are available for check-out at the Circulation Desk.

  • Wireless Access

    Wireless access points are available throughout the LEC. Service is provided by GT LAWN